Friday, December 28, 2012

Jade Stone Jewelry Ambassador // Emily Kell


Jade Stone Jewelry & the Stone Love Collective has hand selected some incredible Women around the Globe to be our very first Ambassadors.

These Women embody all that we Represent with Jade Stone Jewelry & the Stone Love Collective. Strong, Passionate, Creative, Natural, Gypsy Ramblin', Yoga practicing, Free Spirits... 

Spiritual Warriors in the battle of Life, rooted in Nature and Love.

We sent these gals a little love package and asked them to create their own photo shoot!


I am very excited to introduce to you our Winter Ambassador


Visionary Artist // Priestess of Paint // Rainbow Warrior 

This past Summer at IMPULSE Festival in Union Point, GA, I was dancing across a field following the music from stage to stage and I noticed from the corner of my eye the most intricate colorfully beautiful painted Goddess sitting atop a Lotus Flower.

I waltzed over and was just enamored with the painting but its creator was no-where in sight. I found a fellow Artist and he gave me the gals name and info who was working on this amazing piece. Later in the evening as I was venturing around I noticed that the Artist was back at it again, I went over and stood behind her and watched her work for a while.

Deciding not to distract her from her work, I said a quick hello and gave a compliment on the beauty of the Painting and I was gone. 

A few weeks later when I was home and recovered from the Fest, I looked up Emily's Work and was so blown away to see some of the amazing things that she has created. 

I love to support other Artists in our Music Scene and Creators in General so I decided to ask Emily if she would like to join in with The Stone Love Collective and represent our work as well as hers and say a huge thank you to her for walking her path as an Artist with confidence and by Spreading love through her gorgeous paintings. 


Name: Emily Kell
Location: Savannah, GA
Occupation: Artist
Age: 23
Astrological Sign: Cancer


What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about expressing myself. I’m passionate about love in all of its vessels, and about giving form to the infinite love I perceive all around me. I’m passionate about feeling good and making others feel good.
How do you feel that you help make this world a better place?
There are so many little ways in which I try to improve the world everyday. Happiness is a chain reaction that I try to catalyze each day. On a larger scale, the aim of my life’s work is to spread love and awareness through my art and to open minds and hearts and give people a visual expression through which to experience the unfathomable beauty of being.
What makes you a good role model to our younger generation?
I think I can be a good role model to our younger generation because I use my artwork to open minds and to change standards of beauty. Often I intentionally focus my artwork on women who are curvier because I think the media has done a great deal of damage to the collective female psyche and I want to help to undo that damage by fighting back with images of fierce womanhood. Mother nature is never wrong in her creations and I want every little girl to grow up knowing how drop dead gorgeous she is and that there is no right way to look.
How would you describe your personal style?
Well my painting name is The Funky Priestess of Paint- and I think that does a fine job of describing my style. I am inspired by everything from mother nature to disco and I wear my heart on my technicolor sleeves.
What type of music are you into right now?
I have a widely varied taste in music but lately I’ve been jamming really down tempo tunes to paint to- everything from iron and wine, to bonobo, and thievery corporation.
What are some activities/hobbies/interests you participate in?
So many! I do yoga everyday at the Savannah Yoga Center down the street from where I live. I am a practicing level one reiki practitioner (soon to be level two). I’m a hula hoop dancer, a runner, a biker, a nature adventurer, a festival-goer, a clothing- alter-er, a traveler, a meditator and a turtle enthusiast.
Describe some of your personal mantras or conscious practices.
Here are three of my personal favorite mantras:
The first is sat nam (repeated many times quickly) it means truth is my identity. The second is awaken the abunDANCE within! I like to focus on that mantra and its infinite potential during yoga. And the third is this: I am a vessel of healing for Emily. This love comes through me and into her loving her, healing her, guiding her, helping her love and forgive. And that is a mantra that I repeat during my reiki sessions which was taught to me by my beloved reiki master Kerri.

Describe what you thought when you first got your Jade Stone Jewelry package in the mail.
When I first got my Jade Stone Jewelry package in the mail my first thought was holy goodness! Cool jewelry, she’s advertising for mother nature. And cool girl for having such a beautiful idea for a program and bringing it into form, and also for including me! Thanks Jade!

Find more about Emily and her Artwork here >>--->

Facebook: Emily-Kells-Art