Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jade Stone Jewelry Ambassadors // Maggie & Liz Hayes


Jade Stone Jewelry & the Stone Love Collective has hand selected some incredible Women around the Globe to be our first Ambassadors.

These Women embody all that we Represent with Jade Stone Jewelry & the Stone Love Collective. Strong, Passionate, Creative, Natural, Gypsy Ramblin', Yoga practicing, Free Spirits... 

Spiritual Warriors in the battle of Life, rooted in Nature and Love.

We sent these gals a little love package and asked them to create their own photo shoot!


I am very excited to introduce to you our Summer Ambassadors

 Liz Hayes (bad liz) & Maggie Hayes (dj siren) 

-House of Hayes-

House of Hayes Mission

HOUSE OF HAYES is a creative project founded by sisters, Maggie and Liz Hayes, in an effort to promote artful living. They have developed this to bridge the gaps of their various artistic sensibilities under one label. 

I first met these gals a few years ago when I stumbled upon some of Liz's Artwork. I later was turned onto one of her sister Maggie's Mixtapes.  After learning more about these two gorgeous gals and how creative they are I decided to invite them to join with me and a few other Female Artists at my Annual Charleston, SC Trunk Show. This one was held at One Boutique Downtown on Upper King Street. We had such a great time that night Liz brought some of her works and Maggie was our DJ for the night.

They are such sweet girls and I am so happy to feature them as our Summer 2013 Ambassadors as they currently proceed to take over Philly.

Maggie & Liz had their first show at House of Hayes in Philadelphia on Halloween and haven't looked back since. The HoH gallery is currently exhibiting their own work, but the girls are always looking for artists and musicians to show and play. Their upcoming big project right now is launching a quarterly magazine called Kamikaze, that will debut with its summer issue on July 19th. The 3rd annual Rocker's BBQ weekend is also taking place at the House of Hayes that weekend, so it will be a celebration for the magazine launch as well as their first festival. The weekend will feature about 20 bands, and theres going to be poetry and different workshops like capoeira and Maggie will be teaching yoga on Sunday. 

 "It's "DIY as fuck" states Maggie, "which means there's not necessarily as many dollars trading hands, but the freedom to hold true to our vision continues to be the most valuable and rewarding aspect of what we're doing. Always competing with our last level...or trying at least, haha, it gets harder to keep up with your best work the more ambitious you get...but I think there are a lot of exciting things in the future for House of Hayes and hopefully for the whole community here in Philadelphia...and soon to be beyond Philadelphia, as the magazine and web platforms continue to stretch their legs." 

House of Hayes is Located at 1822 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA. 


Maggie Hayes (dj siren)
Philly, USA
freshly 23 this week!
libra woman to a fault


What are you most passionate about?
breakfast, music, art, hunter s. thompson, the ocean
How do you feel that you help make this world a better place?  
I enjoy going out of my way to make people's day and try to spread as much light as I've got. Inspiration is just such an amazing resource and completely renewable...inspire and be inspired, thats the spark for change.
What makes you a good role model to our younger generation?
Having younger siblings has always given me an awareness of myself as a role model. To me, being healthy and honest are the best things you can do for yourself and also the best example you can set..so it's a win-win. I also try to encourage anyone I meet to explore art. I think having any sort of creative practice can be hugely uplifting and satisfying. Especially being able to develop it as a young person, you build a skill-set that can be a positive outlet for a lifetime.
How would you describe your personal style?
I love sexy, functional pieces. I really do. Sexy can be simple, sexy can be flashy, sexy can just be an energy that you carry...and being healthy and taking care of your total wellness is a huge element of that. That's the glow that we can't buy out of a bottle.
What type of music are you into right now?
The more live, the better! I tend to be all over the place with tunes, hip-hop, the blues, reggae...It's like a mood ring really...but I was very excited to see Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti a little while ago. Animal Collective killed it last night. Death Grips is rocking my world. Robert Glasper soon. And I'm a roc girl for life, Jay-Z for president (not really playing).
What are some activities/hobbies/interests you participate in?
Most of my hobbies, I kind of just consider amateur careers. I love making art of any kind, trying to mess with music and performance and art more and more, which is why I'm taking a couple of classes at Tyler School of Art here at Temple University. I'm taking installation art and performance art...it has been challenging me in a lot of ways, so hopefully I can keep building on those ideas, along with dj-ing, dancing, video, photography, fashion, etc. All ingredients/activities I'm into.
Describe some of your personal mantras or conscious practices.
Well, I'm quite into yoga and have been teaching since 2010. It seems almost that it I am mentioning it as an after-thought, but yoga has just become a seamless part of what I do day-to-day. Even if I'm not rolling out my mat, the consciousness and intention that yoga has taught me, leads me to be "in my practice" no matter what I'm doing. It affects what I choose to eat, the words I use when I speak, the vibration I'm putting out into the world.. I also try to allow myself time to let my thoughts gel and just general alone time. I find that giving myself space from the input of others and the input of data/Internet/advertisements, etc. allows me to continue building a positive self-image and a better understanding of my place in the world and role as an artist.
A personal mantra of mine was confiscated from Jack Kerouac, "There's two kinds of modesty-false modesty, and real modesty...neither of which I'll take." I'm 110% for awareness, knowing where youre growing... But it's not always polite to be exquisite, and I think we are raised sometimes to be polite no matter what. But never dim yourself for the "sake" of someone else. Shine on crazy diamonds!
Describe what you thought when you first got your Jade Stone Jewelry package in the mail.
Well, my first instinct was immense curiosity...I was so excited to see the selections because it was so personal and such an honor to be chosen as an ambassador. Of course, I was not disappointed in the least and every piece takes even my most fabulous ensembles up to the next notch. So much love."


Bad Liz Hayes
Philadelphia, PA
20 years young


What are you most passionate about?
My passion has yet to be defined. I'm an artist. I write, I draw, I paint, I take pictures and videos, I kill it. I dance like wild, I sing loud, I laugh loud. I'm most passionate about experiencing. The good, the bad, and the ugly, I want to know it all.
How do you feel that you help make this world a better place?
The world is a rough place. It's a beautiful, wonderful place, but it's rough and it's sad. If I make the world a better place it's by releasing positive energy into the atmosphere. That's really all it takes.
What makes you a good role model to our younger generation?
I say fuck too much to be a good role model but I also believe in good. Believing in good is actually an important beginning of good happening. Not enough people believe in good.

How would you describe your personal style?
One word : free. I'm loose, I'm easy, I'm doing whatever whenever however. I like to feel like im naked and in bed while I'm out and about.

What type of music are you into right now?
Music is for your mood. I'll listen to old folk and blues as the suns coming up in the morning, bob Dylan, tom waits, blind Willie mctell, Leonard cohen, Robert Johnson, what have you. If its raining I might go more experimental with animal collective, radiohead, eskmo, baths... If you gotta get hyped up for a night out, put some hip hop on, get down to outkast, watch the throne, pusha t. I'm into everything right now, I'm into music that hits you hard.

What are some activities/hobbies/interests you participate in?
Living in Philly, I bike pretty much everywhere, I have a couple of food service jobs where I serve coffee ad pastries and bagels and liters of beer and sausages and burgers but that's just money. As far as interests go, pretty standard. I'm interested in elevation. I'm interested in music and art and creative expression and building and breaking down and raw talent and raw space and raw thought. I'm interested in interesting things.

Describe some of your personal mantras or conscious practices.
I need to develop some mantras. I used to practice yoga semi regularly but have fallen out from doing that. I need some routine, my life's too all over the place. I need to practice true consciousness. I need a constant variable.

Describe what you thought when you first got your Jade Stone Jewelry package in the mail.
I was so excited to see what jewels were inside! As a serious fan of jade's jewelry, I couldn't wait to see what she had sent. I've been wearing everything around town, I can't help myself.

Love you jade! 

Connect with the House of Hayes 

Web >>>-----> House Of Hayes

FB >>>-----> House of Hayes FB



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