Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jade Stone Ambassador // Leilani Zerkle


Jade Stone Jewelry & the Stone Love Collective has hand selected some incredible Women around the Globe to be our very first Ambassadors.

These Women embody all that we Represent with Jade Stone Jewelry & the Stone Love Collective. Strong, Passionate, Creative, Natural, Gypsy Ramblin', Yoga practicing, Free Spirits... 

Spiritual Warriors in the battle of Life, rooted in Nature and Love.

We sent these gals a little love package and asked them to create their own photo shoot!

Im excited to Introduce you to our First Ambassador Leilani Zerkle, who lives on the magical island of MAUI< HAWAII!!! 

I first noticed Leilani's amazing photography. She captured me with her beautiful photographs of waves and sneak peaks into her island life. She is also a medical marijuana advocate. I was interested in her story and where her path is leading her. 

Name: Leilani Zerkle
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Occupation: Free Lance Photographer
Age: 18
Astrological Sign: Virgo

WAKE UP & LIVE ! ! !

✧What are you most passionate about?✧

I have a strong Passion for the Ocean & Photography.

✧How do you feel that you help make this world a better place?✧

 Telling this world about MONSANTO ! & to stay & Eat Healthy !
& educating people about Marijuana that it is a medicine not a drug.
Its a plant !

✧What makes you a good role model to our younger generation?✧

encouraging kids to get out and get active !

✧How would you describe your personal style?✧

Beachy/body boarder/Cruz/colorful/natural/Stoney

✧What type of music are you into right now?✧


✧What are some activities/hobbies/interests you do around the Island?✧

Go on journeys,Photo shoots,go bodyboarding,beach,live life!

✧Describe what you thought when you first got your Jade Stone Jewelry package in the mail?✧

I couldn't wait to open it !
I loved the style the colors the uniqueness of it all!
You def matched my style perfect !

✧What are your personal thoughts on Medical Marijuana?✧

Marijuana is an herb that grows just like that banana you ate, it does no harm.
People need to think out side the box & consider that is a all natural medicine. The Government Is Brainwashing You.
My mother has a rare disease called Langerhans cell histiocytosis, Shes had to go through many treatments of Chemo, it destroyed her body. she could not eat she got down to 80pounds, Marijuana was the only thing that made her Happy,Eat,Sleep,Think, so if it was not for this so called "DRUG" my mother would not be here today. Herb is the healing of the nation !

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